Setting the long-term vision for the City of Parramatta

City of Parramatta Council is asking the community to have their say in the development of its new 20-year Community Strategic Plan.The Plan will help shape the City’s future and is the most significant document that guides Council.

Council will start the consultation process with a community workshop on Saturday 22 July called ‘The Big Conversation’ and people can also complete an online survey to share their views and ideas.

“The community consultation we’ve been conducting over the past year, including for our new Vision and Priorities, and Operational Plan, will provide a strong foundation for the development of the draft Community Strategic Plan. It will be the first plan of its kind for the new City of Parramatta, incorporating areas from former councils,” City of Parramatta Council Administrator Amanda Chadwick said.


“This is your plan and I strongly encourage everyone to share their ideas and aspirations for what they would like to see happen in their neighbourhoods and the local government area more broadly over the next 20 years.

“All other Council plans and strategies will be crafted to reflect and support this important guiding document. This is just the first step in creating a strategy to ensure the City of Parramatta achieves its full potential and maximises the unique opportunities that come from being Sydney’s Central City.”

In the past 12 months Council has consulted more than 12,000 members of the community on a range of plans and strategies to help inform the direction of the City of Parramatta.


Following community consultation, a Draft Community Strategic Plan will be presented to the incoming Council after the September elections.There will be additional opportunities for the community to comment on the draft as it continues to take shape later in the year.

To complete the survey visit To register for the workshop and for further information visit Registrations for ‘The Big Conversation’ can also be made through the Customer Contact Centre on 1300 617 058.

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