Home Entertainment Satyajeet signs a three-film deal with Sanjay Dutt Productions

Satyajeet signs a three-film deal with Sanjay Dutt Productions

Sanjay Dutt’s production house after dabbling into their first Marathi feature film kickstarted with Prassthanam in producing Hindi films. The stable is now mentoring new talent and the newest under their wings is Satyajeet Dubey, who plays Dutt’s younger son in the film. Satyajeet calls the biggest film of his career along with his screen idol Sanjay Dutt, rumor has it that the actor has been given a three-film deal with the production house. Because Manayata Dutt saw great promise in the young actor she has signed him on for three other projects with the house.

While the next project for Dubey is still in the works, the actor has been committed to two more projects with the stable. Sanjay Dutt is mentoring Dubey and wants him to do great work.

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Speaking about it, Satyajeet says, “Sanju Sir has treated me as one of his own. He and Manayata ma’am have been incredibly kind and generous always showering me with great love and warmth. I have gone from being someone who was new to him when we began this journey and now I’m glad I’m close to Sanju sir and that itself is a great moment for a fan child like me. I am looking forward to another opportunity of working with them in the near future. We are yet to lock the project but it’s in the planning stage. It’s been surreal for me.”