Salman reveals the truth of various contestants on the upcoming episode of weekend ka vaar

A person who smiles through troubles, gathers strength from distress, grows brave by reflection is the one who comes out as a winner in all probabilities. With every passing day the competition between contestants has been taking its own course. Some fighting hard, some trying to play it cool, the game is on and the fight to win is in full swing.

The Bigg boss house is known for bringing out both the best and worst traits of the inmates. Keeping up with the many fights and arguments that erupt in the house some end up leading to major tear-shedding sessions and emotional breakdowns. But one thing is clear, the Bigg boss contestants are only getting stronger and playing a smarter game each day.

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This saturday’s episode of Weekend ka Vaar began with our host and dost stressing on how the house mates have divided themselves in groups of two. ’The Happy Club’, consisting of Romil, Saba, Somi and Deepak and ‘The Wolf Pack’ including Sreesanth, Srishty, Jasleen, Karanveer and Dipika.

A special Khalnayak Kursi was installed in the living area and the contestants were asked to nominate one person who they think ha broken the most number of house rules and not performed well. Although most contestants chose Deepak, Salman urged that Sreesanth would sit on the Khalnayak chair and answer some hard hitting questions. The host then pulled up Sreesanth for his bad behaviour and wrong statements used against Deepak. He requested Sreesanth to show and act in a respectful manner towards others and keep the dignity of the house entact.

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Salman also pointed out the follies in contestants when they teased Rohit Suchanti, the new member of the house on the choice of his clothing and his ways. Rohit Suchanti was enraged knowing the real colors of few contestants and declared that he’ll now play the game on his own terms.Like every weekend, the dagger of evictions hung loose on 4 contestants namely, Saba, Anup, Srishty and Surbhi.

All guards are up and no one’s truth is hidden anymore. Who amongst the selected 4 will end up getting evicted ?