Roy Morgan partners with Mobilewalla to create Australia’s largest device-based engagement and data enrichment platform

Thousands of Roy Morgan segments are now available across seven million Australian mobile devices to enable brand advertisers and media agencies to optimise the planning and buying of their next mobile campaign.

Roy Morgan and Mobilewalla today announced a strategic partnership, leveraging Roy Morgan’s unique industry-based consumer segments together with Mobilewalla’s panel of more than seven million matched mobile devices in Australia, two million matched devices in New Zealand, and 30 million matched devices in Indonesia.

sydThese mobile devices can be engaged not only based on the location of the device, but also using thousands of Roy Morgan segments such as Helix Personas. Engagement is available through a wide range of DSPs including Google DBM, the Trade Desk, and the Adobe network.


The platform can also be used to append the Roy Morgan customer segments and mobile-based behavioural data to clients’ own mobile device pools, effectively enriching their own device data. These devices can then be served advertising based upon time and location.

Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan commented:

“We’re excited to incorporate the breadth and accuracy of Mobilewalla’s unique mobile location offering into Helix Personas and our broader data platform. Mobilewalla is the only data provider that truly uses location to inform behavioral data, studying consumers as they change and evolve over time. This partnership is a terrific example of how Roy Morgan is constantly innovating for our clients.”

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Anindya Datta, CEO and founder, Mobilewalla commented:

“Roy Morgan is known throughout Australia as the leaders in accurate and independent data. Integrating Roy Morgan’s world class Helix Personas segments with our powerful and privacy-safe geo-behavioral data will only enable both companies to deliver richer insights and enhanced real-time engagement to brand advertisers and media agencies across Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia.”

About Roy Morgan
Roy Morgan is Australia’s largest independent data and research company and has for over 75 years measured and mapped the Australian psyche. Roy Morgan delivers truth through science.

About Mobilewalla
Mobilewalla is the only mobile data provider employing time-based analysis of location and app usage on a global scale. The leading provider of verified mobile audience insights, Mobilewalla’s cutting-edge proprietary compression algorithm enables the storage, accessing, and analysis of 80 petabytes of data. Mobilewalla’s custom and syndicated audience segments allow clients to engage their consumers’ passions. Mobilewalla’s innovative audience discovery technology reveals persistent passions, formulated by exploring location, app usage, and change over time. Mobilewalla was founded in 2011 and has offices in Atlanta, Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New York, Chicago, and Singapore. In 2014, Mobilewalla was awarded Best Enabling Technology of the Year in Mobile by the Mobile Marketing Association’s Smarties APAC.