Rotten cream…

Review of Bollywood movie M Cream by G9 Divya Solgama

There was a time when our Hindi film industry was divided into two style of film making. The first and majority part consisted of the masala entertainers, while the second one were made for the niche audience liking the realistic art house type of films. Then there were these, middle of the road type of films, which were made by film-makers like Hrishikesh Mukherjee or BasuChatterji. Along with these sects of Hindi films, there were these highly intense films which were made mainly for film festivals happening in India and foreign countries. These so called festival films were highly loved and appreciated by the various film festivals and also managed to win some prestigious awards.

It is also seen that, most of the times these films release only after a huge waiting period, while the rest of them even fail to see the sunlight. The latest film to join this bandwagon is ‘M Cream’, which has travelled to several international film festivals and also won grand prize at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. The movie released after a waiting period of two years, thus let’s find out whether ‘M Cream’ will manage to match up to the laurels attached to it or might be yet another so called film festival type of films which caters only to the niche crowd.

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‘M Cream’ is a story of four youngsters, Figs (Imaad Shah), Jay (Ira Dybey), Maggie (Aurita Ghosh) and Niz (RaaghavChanana). One day they decide to go for a long road trip in the mysterious mountains, in search of M Cream, a mythical form of hash. The journey starts with lots of hiccups and what happens next, is what the entire film is all about.

The story on papers, looks good and has lots of layers attached to it. Sadly, the lethargic execution and bland story telling ruins the fun. The movie moves on a snail pace with many scenes which fails to connect with each other. All the weird hallucinating scenes followed by rave party, random kisses, bookish dialogues and few more, fails to connect with the mood of the film. Though, all the scenes between Imaad and Ira are enriching followed by the effect of LSD on all four. The most intense scenes are the ones with Imaad and Era discussing politics with a Tibetan monk and a French journalist. On the flip side, along with the slow treatment, the screenplay too is lethargic.

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The abrupt highly pseudo scenes fail to go with the flow of the film. The English dialogues are too dramatic and preachy at times. The finale part is more confusing as the film-makers failed to do proper justice to the screenplay of the film. The cinematography is great and all the locations of the Himalayas were breath-taking.

The music is unimpressive and fails to gel with the flow of the film. Director Agneya Singh comes up with a unique film but, fails to do justice to it. All the scenes have been stretched to the fullest.

Imaad Shah reminds you of young Naseeruddin Shah. Ira Dubey looks sweet. Together Imaad and Ira forms an interesting combo (pair) but ends up being a weak victim of a weak screenplay. Aurita Ghosh and RaaghavChanana looks great and are fine in their respective parts. Barry John and Tom Alter were wasted.

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So on an overall basis, ‘M Cream’ is like a rotten cream, will only cater to the festival audience as there is no freshness, story and screenplay attached to it.

Rating – 1.5/5

(Review Source – Cinemarkets)