Rohit Shetty takes screen tests of the contestants

As the Christmas week begins, the Bigg Boss 12 contestants start to receive surprises. Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan entered the house, dancing to their superhit song ‘ Aankh Maare’ from their upcoming movie Simmba. The contestants were surprised and excited and could not stop themselves from swinging to the beats.

Later, Ranveer and Sara played a game with the contestants where they were shown news clipping and they had to guess whether it is real news or fake news. While they were doing the task, one news that upset Deepak, was a comment from the evicted jodidaar Urvashi Vani, who said that Deepak was her biggest enemy and she will never want to see him again. But Deepak thought this news was fake, but unfortunately it was true in his case.

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Another surprise that awaited the contestants, was Rohit Shetty’s entry. Contestants’ joy found no bounds when they saw Rohit entering the house. Rohit also gave them interesting tasks and decided to take their screen tests. In one of the tasks Rohit asked Sreesanth and Dipika to recreate the famous Thangabali scene from the movie Chennai Express. Further Rohit the divided the house into two teams – Team Ranveer were Dipika, Somi, Surbhi and Team Sara were Sreesanth, Karanvir, Romil and Deepak. He gave dancing challenges to the teams like Zombie Dance, Electric shock dance etc. Post this, they bid goodbye to the contestants and proceeded to meet Salman Khan on stage.

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On stage, the trio had a lot of fun with Salman Khan. All of them decided to create Salman Khan’s matrimonial profile to which Salman agreed.

Post Ranveer, Sara and Rohit’s exit, Salman Khan moved to the Sultani Akaada. This time the akhaada got a twist and everyone participated in the same. There were two teams Team Romil and Team Sreesanth. Team Sreesanth and Dipika and Deepak, Team Romil had Somi and Karanvir. Surbhi was the sanchalak of the akhaada. Another twist that awaited them was the winning team would be showered with green slime.

After all the fun and games, it was time for the eviction announcement.