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Richa Chadha took to the streets of Mumbai with “Free Hugs” to spread joy on National Hug Day!

Fast emerging as an icon for the youth because of her unflinching honesty, Richa Chadha recently took to the streets for an adorable ‘social experiment’. Despite being busy with the promotions of Panga and other pre-production work, she tried an interesting initiative on International Hug Day.

At a time when we’re seeing both the rise in extremism as well as raising awareness about social causes globally, the actress decided to go hang out at Carter Road, Bandra to holding a hand-painted ‘Free Hugs’ sign. She wore dark glasses as she didn’t want to be recognized but just wanted to give out hugs as a citizen and not a celebrity. Although a few fans eventually did recognize her, she gave out hugs to strangers and passers-by with ease.

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When asked Richa said, “It’s important to do what one can to heal the world. I’d seen similar videos on the net and wanted to try this noble idea. I used the excuse of this ‘International Hug Day’ to spread warmth especially due to the grimness of the past few weeks. It’s harmless. You can’t deny love. I am glad that I did this because it also left me feeling very happy. I believe we are happiest when we are loving. Like Martin Luther King said, “Darkness cannot be driven out by darkness, only light can do that…”, I wanted to be the change and it was a very humbling experience to share the love with complete strangers! It’s is a wonderful idea and I want to do it every year. A hug can melt the coldest hearts”