Richa Chadha appointed in the Advisory Board of Women in Film and Television India

Women in Film and Television Association India is affiliated with the Global WIFT Org based in DC which has over 50 chapters globally. In the light of the wonderful releases in the last few years, with women’s voices at the fore, WIFT has taken cognizance of the women who have heralded this change in the industry.

Amongst the first names that come to one’s mind is Richa Chadha, who has been a force to be reckoned with, in the last few years. Owing to which Richa has been appointed as the advisory member for WIFT India. India, being the home of so many thriving film industries seems like the perfect place for this network to be set up. It is supported by the legendary Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman in the west. Richa as an advisory member of WIFT in its India chapter champions the need for the women.

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WIFT India is a strong support platform for women in the film and TV industry and Richa has taken it upon herself to dedicate her time and experience for it. A self-made star, Richa hopes to help others who have no connections in the industry but have big dreams. Richa wants to help more women join the workforce in Bollywood.

She says, “I am someone who has come to this industry without a Godfather and it hasn’t been easy. The industry at this point is a much more organized workspace and is much safer to work in than before, but there’s much more to be done. There’s this impression that shows the business is not a good place for women. Everyone in my extended family was apprehensive when I joined the film Industry. But 10 years on, I have worked on some path-breaking projects, with talented artists and am proud of my filmography and struggle. Now a movie sets are filled with women and it’s important to create this gender-neutral environment if we want to say balanced stories, and even progress as a society.”