Assistant Minister for Youth and Sports Hon. Alipate Nagata has urged youths to remain passionate in their aspiration as performers.

Speaking to performers and youths who turned up at the Tebara Festival youth night, the minister said that to perform on stage can be a source of living as well as a source of inspiration for the younger generations.

“We have seen a steady growth in both performing and contemporary art being practiced by young Fijians through the rise in number of musicians and dance groups, therefore I urge you to remain passionate in your aspirations as performers,” he said.

“I also commend the organizers of this year’s event for choosing the theme ‘Working towards building a safe and secure environment for all’. This theme speaks volumes for us all as it touchs on the very core of our existence as young Fijians – safety and security,” the minister added.

He further said that a safe and secure environment for young Fijians would mean one in which the population has the freedom to pursue daily activities without fear of being politically motivated free from persistent, or large-scale violence.

“As young Fijians we all have a role to play in ensuring we live in a safe and secure environment. We face a lot of challenge but this can be overcome if we work together to guarantee that all young people of Fiji have the knowledge, skills and opportunities to reach their maximum potential,” he said.

“In doing so we are working towards building a safe and secure environment, conducive to all citizens of this nation,” he adds.

Hon. Nagata further encouraged youths at the festival to respect each other as their existence in society is based on values and foundation of mutual trust and common interests as citizens of this nation.

“We should respect others views even if it’s different from yours, but remain focus on the bigger agendas that matters to us as a nation.”

He concluded saying Government is committed to eradicate all forms and challenges facing young people but cannot do this alone without them playing their part in their respective communities.

Seven contestant are vying for the 2019 Tebara Carnival Crown which closes this Saturday.