Relationship & people-to-people links are key to doing business with Indians

The launch of the India Economic Strategy to 2035 by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Mr Peter Varghese was a milestone event in the Australia-India relationship. We have therefore dedicated this issue of Buzz to cover all things Indian along with our end of year focus on the contributions of ethnic business owners.

Business is certainly the way to economic prosperity, and Asian connectivity for Australian businesses is very important. However, success is not just dependent on business acumen but also on the cultural understanding of doing business with different cultures.

My article on Relationships matter, people matter in doing business with Asians focuses on the power of relationship marketing.


In my article, The launch of the India Economic Strategy to 2035 outlines the value of diaspora. Diaspora marketing can be a very valuable tool not just for the government, but also for marketers. People-to-people links are crucial to building engagement and driving success.

The contributions of Indian migrants are innumerable in countries such as the US, UK and Canada. The article from Sanchay Mohan, From Email to Artificial Intelligence: Indians leading the way in the digital space highlights the contribution of Indians to the technology, innovation and digital space. Very rightfully, he would like to see Australia create another Silicon Valley by encouraging talented and professional migration. This would already be happening to some extent through the education route – in fact, contributions by international students and their residency could be a great way forward for Australia.

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With the end of the financial year, we often hear the mantra, ‘small business is the engine room of our economy.’ But do we ever pause to think about what that engine room actually looks like in the Australian business landscape today? The article by Dennis Nguyen Getting to know you series: Migrant Small Business Owners highlights the value of small businesses in our economy.

Enjoy this end of financial year edition of MultiBuzz, we are indeed pleased that the India Economic Strategy to 2035 was released during this period.