Refunds Still Available After Mandatory Samsung Washers Recall

Consumers are being reminded that refunds and replacements are still available for Samsung washing machines following a 2015 mandatory recall. Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean is urging families and businesses with Samsung top loader washing machines to check the make and model and ensure it is not a recalled appliance.

“These machines pose a serious fire risk, as water has been found to collect on an internal motor connection, which can cause dangerous overheating,” Mr Kean said. “We want to ensure that consumers are put first and are as safe as possible in their homes. “If consumers find they have an affected machine, they should immediately turn it off at the power source and contact Samsung.

“Remember, if you have one of the recalled machines you are also entitled to a full refund or replacement – even if your appliance has previously been reworked.” More than 144,000 of the affected Samsung machines were sold nationally between 2010 and 2013. Consumers can check the model name and number details on the back of their washing machine.

The affected model numbers to look out for are:

Samsung has accounted for around 86 per cent of affected machines. If consumers are uncertain whether their machine is one included in the recall they can contact Samsung on 1800 239 655