Reel or Real crime dramas and violence don’t attract Pankaj Tripathi

A menacing figure in the world of movies – for his astute acting skills and for the gritty roles he plays with gravitas, Pankaj Tripathi made a pleasantly surprising statement when he said that despite having played a handful of gangster roles, the action is a genre he keeps a safe distance from.

Having made a niche for himself as Kaleen Bhaiyya in Mirzapur, following it up with the shrewd portrayal of Guruji in Sacred Games, Tripathi is a sucker of slice-of-life films more than gangster dramas. Even though he has been thriving in the genre, he believes social dramas are his beat.

He tells us, “Even though I have played gangster roles in many films, I don’t like action in reel or real life. I prefer watching social drama films that have entertainment value as well as some take away for society. With such aggressive discussion on normalizing violence on screen, as viewers, we should be mindful of how we consume content. I am aware that a lot of my gangster movies have done well.

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As a genre, it has perennially been a crowd puller. There’s an alluring quality about the world of crime. The stories are a lot of colorful and interesting. But personally, that’s a genre I consume with caution. Mindless violence without delivering a social commentary doesn’t satisfy me as a viewer.

You have to make me care for the narrative. As an actor, whenever I choose a show or a movie, I am careful to keep the context of the story in mind. We need more social dramas to change the mindset and any film being made, even for entertainment, should tell a story that has the power to change the world.”