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Reading ‘Sai Satcharitra’ helped Kishori Godbole to play Baija Maa in Mere Sai – Shraddha Aur Saburi

The popularity of Sony Entertainment Television’s show ‘Mere Sai – Shradha Aur Saburi’ is increasing with every passing day. Since the beginning, the has managed to glue the nation in Sai Bhakti and many viewers are religiously tuning in to watch the show. The simplicity in which the teachings of Sai Baba come alive on the small screen is something that has really caught the viewers’ attention.

On the other hand, Abeer Soofi who plays Sai in the show plays the role so meticulously that he beings out every element of this character in gripping manner. Apart from him, the other actress who has been a visible face in the show is well known actress, Kishori Godbole. Kishori, who plays the role of Baija Maa has returned to the small screen after more than 3 years and is totally winning hearts of her fans and viewers by playing Baija Maa in the show. In a recent conversation with the actress, it was revealed that it was very easy for her to get into the character of Baija Maa.

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Kishori reveals, “While I have read the Sai Satcharitra, I also received a lot of learning from my parents; Mr. Jayant Kulkarni who is a well-known playback singer of the Marathi music industry and my mother, Mrs. Swati Kulkarni who themselves are prominent followers of Sai Baba. Since my early childhood days, I have heard stories of Baba and because of this, I also know Baija Maa closely and her importance in Sai’s life. This inturn helps me essay my role as Baija Maa with finesse. After a personal incident around last year, my belief in Sai Baba has become stronger than ever. For me, ‘Shraddha Aur Saburi’is the key element and I truly believe it works in every little good thing we do. I visit Shirdi every year without fail for Sai baba’s darshan and I have innumerable memories and experiences which increased my faith in baba with every passing moment. One such experience is being chosen to play Baija Maa on screen in Mere Sai.”

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In the ongoing track, viewers will see how Appa and Mahalsapati’s friendship sees a crack due to Mahalsapati’s misunderstanding with Tatya’s behaviour. On the other hand, Sai and Tatya both are trying to resolve their issues where, Sai Baba will be seen advising Tatya on 5 ways to control anger and how Tatya agrees to follow them.