Randeep Singh Kohli of ‘Barkat Welfare Society’ in conversation with Navneet Anand

Born with social service & humanity in the roots, Randeep Singh Kohli surely knows how to take the legacy forward with more pride & passion. The grandchild of former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Randeep started up his NGO Barkat Welfare Society of Amritsar at a tender age of 19. With limited resources and constantly changing complex and dynamic situations, he has to be on toes all the time to adapt to the environment. Working in this sector demands dynamic personalities, leadership qualities, and management skills.

Recently, Randeep Singh Kohli has bagged the National Excellence Award-2017 at an event held in Indore. Kohli has been awarded a medal and a certificate for his social work through his NGO, Barkat Welfare Society of Amritsar.

It all started in 2014 during the first year of the college, Kohli along with his sister, Miss Pushmeet Kaur Kohli and a few friends formed Barkat Welfare Society of Amritsar. The goal was clear “transformation”, of the society we live in. They had full faith in their work, the organizational objectives, goals and the means they take to achieve them. It was a bunch of passionate people who are sensitive and resilient humans who believe in the cause and work consistently towards it. They targeted youth and visited various colleges to create awareness about socio-economic issues, which are impacting the present world, and motivate youngsters to work for the upliftment of the nation. Assistance like Medical & Educational aid was provided by Barkat Welfare Society. They act as a conservator & also provided Vitals to the people in need. Randeep Singh who is not only a good leader but an excellent orator delivered his words of wisdom on a platform like TedEx and inspired youth to find happiness in simplicity.

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He also came up with a platform “Amritsar Bulletin” which is a Social media channel being subscribed in countries like India, Australia, Canada & England. A page where information & incidences of Amritsar, Punjab are being shared.
Another feather in his cap was added in 2017 when he became the President
of the world book of records(Punjab).

After which Darbar Sahib Ji (Golden Temple) was listed as “The most visited
place “ in the world book of records followed by a listing of Gurudwara Sri
Bangla Sahib ji, Delhi for providing an enormous contribution to
Philanthropic services. An engineer Jaswant Gill was also facilitated with
world book of records for saving lives of 65 individuals in the coal mine

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So “what drives you to work selflessly for society once asked in an
interview “?
To which Randeep replied with a gleam in his eyes-“I am being mechanized
this way,my father taught me and supported me to become a social worker.” He is the
man whose presence encourages me to help the ones in need. To me injustice
is intolerable. I have filed more than 100 RTI queries to bring concern in
the public forum.I’ll continue to contribute as much as I can to the
society as Mahatma Gandhi rightly said: “The best way to find yourself is
to lose yourself in the service of others”.

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