Rajpal Yadav to don Khakis in upcoming film ‘Gandhi The Conspiracy’!

Rajpal Yadav, who was last seen in Judwaa 2, will play a cop in producer Lakshmi R Iyer’s historical drama, Gandhi Hatya: Ek Saazish (Gandhi – The Conspiracy).

The versatile actor who has played several memorable roles will be portraying the character of Delhi based DSP Jaswant Singh. Rajpal’s character is dramatised around the true event that a two-member police team headed by a DSP from Delhi was flown to Bombay with post interrogation confessional statements of Madan Lal, and carried what Delhi police claimed was incriminating data that could have got the would-be murderers of Mahatma Gandhi arrested and nip the conspiracy in the bud.

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Rajpal plays a complicated but interesting role of an honest but simple police officer, unable to handle inter-departmental politics between Bombay and Delhi police, which remains an unresolved matter even today. It’s a light situational comedy in an otherwise dark thriller and comes in between the two attempts made on Mahatma Gandhi’s life in January 1948.

Rajpal confirms, “Though there have been several films made on Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhi The Conspiracy is different as it gives a fresh take on the conspiracy behind the murder of the late political leader. The story is quite intriguing and the script really appealed to me.”

Produced by Lakshmi R Iyer under the banner Nugen Media Productions and directed by Karim Traidia and Pankaj Sehgal, Gandhi: The Conspiracy (Gandhi Hatya: Ek Saazish) is a film based on true events that led to the first political assassination in independent India, scheduled to release this year.