Rahul Dev on his relationship with Mugdha Godse: We have a 14-year age gap and it did worry me!

With Bollywood and music being nothing short of religions in India, Zee TV brings viewers the best of both worlds with its blockbuster weekend primetime offering. The channel’s first-of-its-kind music countdown show called ‘Pro Music Countdown’ is hosted by one of India’s finest RJs, social media influencer and YouTube sensation – Siddharth Kannan. The show presents superhit songs in a never-seen-before chat show format with the hottest Bollywood celebrities getting up close and personal bout their career, romance and everything that’s brewing in B-town!

In the next episode of Zee TV’s Pro Music Countdown, viewers will get a sneak peek into the lives of Rahul Dev and Amit Sadh as they take a trip down memory lane and speak candidly about their journey in Bollywood as well as their personal lives and while Amit revealed that he has left everything on destiny, Rahul Dev opened up about his relationship with Mugdha Godse.

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After losing his first wife to cancer, Rahul mentioned how he took some time off and focused on his child. However, at a common friend’s wedding he met Mugdha and they instantly hit it off. He mentioned how they became friends and started meeting quite frequently, that’s how love blossomed and the two ended up together. As Rahul Dev revealed to Siddharth Kannan on Pro Music Countdown, “It was not love at first sight, but we became friends at a common friend’s wedding. Throughout all the functions, we were together and we bonded really well. Post that, we started meeting each other, got close and fell madly in love. I must say, I am very lucky.”

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The Bollywood actor also added that he didn’t have any issue with the huge age gap between them, but he was worried for Mugdha. But looks like it all ended well, as Rahul added, “We have a nearly 14 year age gap and it did worry me, but then I realised that my parents had an age gap of 10 years too. So it’s not that big a gap! Also, I believe that till the time you are happy, age difference and everything else shouldn’t be an issue.”