Pulkit Samrat enjoys water sports in Thailand!

Pulkit Samrat seems to have made the most of his trip to Thailand recently. The talented actor who was recently in Thailand for a professional commitment, apparently took some time off to explore his newfound passion – water sports.

He says, “I had been there to shoot an advertisement. I try to make the best of such work trips. The beaches in Thailand are sublime and no pictures do justice to their beauty. I am an avid traveller and love exploring places on my own. I extended my trip for three days, because I always wanted to try water sports and this was my chance. I also went trekking and sight-seeing with just a backpack. It’s nothing short of a spiritual experience. I balanced it with mad beach parties on the island.”

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The actor who never loses an opportunity to get underwater, adds, “I’m a beach boy and have become more so with my newfound love for water sports. It’s a different rush altogether. Now, I want to learn the Flyboard (a device used in hydro flight sports) and standup paddle boarding. Anything that gives me an opportunity to face my fears is an adventure. I go where the fear is and try to surmount it. It feels empowering. When you come back to business, you feel invincible. I draw from these adventures and experiences when I face the camera.”