Professional Mountaineer and Climber of Mt. Everest, Parth Upadhyay, all set to begin preparing for second film

After First Indo-Polish Film, ‘No Means No’, Professional Mountaineer and Climber of Mt. Everest, Parth Upadhyay, all set to begin preparing for second film, ‘The Good Maharaja’

India’s first joint Indo-Polish, heavy budgeted action thriller, ‘No Means No’ which was shot amidst the snow capped peaks of Poland, is all ready to release in November 2021.

The film features several spine-chilling scenes, shot in the icy mountains of Poland, which as one can guess, would not have been easy to shoot. The production and filming, however, was guided in technicalities, by none other than Maharashtra’s youngest mountaineer to summit the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, Parth Upadhyay, who is truly inspiration for all the youth.

Parth Is a very well known name amongst mountaineers and also known as “The Man of 8000” since he has achieved several climbs which exceed the 8000 meter mark, as notches under his belt. Perhaps the most intriguing decision that Parth made, was when we decided to climb Mount Everest, from the North Face or the side that faces China, which is known to all as the more challenging of the two routes up the daunting heights of Everest, and yet he managed to make his dream come true when he unfurled the Indian Tri Colour on the world’s highest peak at the dawn of 23rd May, 2019.

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In his exclusive interview, Parth revealed that him and his team did extensive research and work with the Hero of ‘No Means No’ , Dhruv Verma to ensure that mountaineering, skiing, and adventure sports are presented to the audience in the most authentic way. The young climber even praised the film’s director, Mr. Vikash Verma and commented on his observation skill and eye of minute details that paved the way for the birth of pure perfection in No Means No. Parth was delightfully surprised at the ultimate result of such a beautifully shot piece of cinema, that is sure to go down in History.

Dhruv Verma, a ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ like the famed Aamir Khan, left no stone unturned in undergoing extensive training in Skiing for the film, ultimately making him an expert skier. A life skill, that he will never forget.

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Parth further elaborated that him and his team will pursue the same level of dedication towards achieving perfection, in Vikash Verma’s next Indo-Polish project, ‘The Good Maharaja’. He spoke about bringing the real and true essence of the events of World War II, be it the mountaineering skills of the period, or the battles in the depths of the sea.

Can anyone imagine the experience of shooting in temperatures ranging from 0 to -30 below? Where your bones shiver and your limbs quiver? It was truly a challenging task for the cast and crew of ‘No Means No’. Where a person thinks twice before removing even a scarf, the cast of the film had to frequently change their costumes for change of scenes, even challenge their bodies when some of the action scenes demanded members of the cast to be suspended from safety harnesses with the wind howling down their faces or ski down icy mountain slopes, all the while being in character that the perfectly scripted scene stipulates.

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Even cinematography in such an environment is a different ball game by itself, to capture such intricate movements from different angles and at the same time to not miss out on the beauty of the scenery behind. Truly, Vikash Verma’s team was like the Holy Grail of film making. Besides the environmental technical expertise provided by Parth Upadhyay, the choreography is helmed by ‘Mission Impossible’ famed ShiamakDavar, the music and background score by the Musical Maestro Mr. Hariharan and the star studded cast includes the Legendary Actor Gulshan Grover who has acted in over 450 films in both Hollywood and Bollywood through the span of his career, The Famous Sharad Kapoor and the veteran Deepraj Rana.

We are sure that the audience is waiting with baited breath for an awe inspiring story, stunning locations of Poland ,all packed with nail biting action sequences which will not only pull the them to the cinema, but keep them at the edge of their seats!