The NSW Government has praised the crime-fighting efforts of the NSW Police Force following the latest Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) quarterly update, which shows that 16 of the 17 major crime categories were stable or falling in the 24 months to June 2018.

Acting Police Minister Mark Speakman said the focus on frontline and proactive policing under Police Commissioner Fuller is yielding great results, ensuring nearly all major offences were kept in check.

“Our men and women in blue put their lives on the line each and every day to protect and support their local communities. The latest crime results are testament to their unwavering dedication to detecting, disrupting and preventing crime,” said Mr Speakman.

The major crime categories trending down are:
break and enter dwelling (down 6.5%)
break and enter non-dwelling (down 6.2%)
malicious damage to property (down 4.7%).


The offence of ‘break and enter dwelling’ has decreased by 33 per cent in the past 40 years.

Mr Speakman said people should feel safe in their homes and have confidence that when they leave for the day, their house or apartment will be as they left it upon their return.

“The Police and community should be very proud of this outstanding result,” said Mr Speakman.

“Unfortunately, the offence of indecent assault, act of indecency and other sexual offences trended upwards by 7.3 per cent.

“It’s impossible to know whether the rise is due to increased offending, increased reporting, or both.

“I urge any survivors of such an awful and often terrifying experience to come forward and report this crime to Police so that justice can be served.”

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The most recent BOCSAR report shows that cocaine use and possession continues to increase (up by 38 per cent), with Sydney’s Inner City and Eastern Suburbs responsible for about 60 per cent of that upward trend.

However, cocaine users and suppliers are on notice. The NSW Police Force have now included cocaine in the mobile drug-testing regime, particularly in those known hot spots.

Mr Speakman said despite increases in some crimes types, overall crime trends in NSW are positive and show that the current approach to policing under the Liberals & Nationals Government is working.

“Now there are more Police out from behind the desk patrolling the streets so that the community feels safe and secure.

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“Coupled with new elite squads targeting drug and gun crime, and high-risk domestic offenders, the people of NSW can have confidence that the NSW Government will maintain its tough stance on crime.”

The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government is helping Police to drive down crime, with a record $3.9 billion Budget in 2018/19.

The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government has added more than 1000 additional officers to the Police ranks since coming to Government. A further 100 officers are being deployed this year.

In addition to these new officers, the Government is working with Police Commissioner Mick Fuller and other key stakeholders to determine how many more officers are needed, and where they will need to be deployed.