Priyanka Chopra – the only Indian on 2018’s Top 25 Social Media Popularity List

From breaking the internet to ruling it, America’s sweetheart and our very own Priyanka Chopra, has truly been a social media trendsetter. The international icon who enjoys being the first at whatever she takes on , pioneered the trend of social media in the country as she was among the first big stars to join Twitter and Instagram.

Apart from boasting of one of the largest number of worldwide followers,the star next took another big step towards conquering the digital world and became the first Indian actor to join the select list of 500+ global influencers on LinkedIn. As a LinkedIn Influencer,Priyanka Chopra joined a very select group that includes Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Oprah Winfrey (Chairman and CEO, Oprah Winfrey Network),Richard Branson and Bill Gates among selected others.

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Priyanka Chopra now finds herself among 2018’s top 25 celebrity list, a rating across various social media platforms that defines how influential a celebrity is over the digital space. Priyanka came in at no 15 ,shortly after Emma Stone & Will Smith and with a total score of 78.8M SMU, joins some of the biggest celebrities in the world including Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Dwayne Johnson, Lady Gaga and Ellen Degeneres among others.

When it comes to the digital space, Priyanka has truly been a front runner – While she has always been a first mover in her career , she is constantly making roadways even on social platforms and becoming a force to reckon with in the digital world.

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​Priyanka Chopra says,”​I’ve never been one to worry about making it to a list, but it’s nice to be on a list with such amazing people… I keep great company (laughs)! I use social media as a way to connect one-on-one with people from across the world. It’s nice to know that they want to connect with me too and are interested in what I have to share. What’s great about this list is that we all seem to have the same idea… connect, spread love and just be you.” ​​