Priyanka Chopra – the first Indian to be on the American Vogue cover !

From being the first Indian-born woman to headline a prime time show in the USA, to an icon of girl power, the first breakthrough star in American pop culture and Hollywood,while being one of the biggest Indian movie stars ,global icon Priyanka Chopra is truly a trailblazer going where no Indian superstar has before and creating ripples at that !

Ambitious & driven, Priyanka Chopra, has set an exemplary example of straddling successful careers both on home turf and America, cutting across continents and playing out the east-meets-west role with both power and superstardom.

Priyanka boasts of a remarkably diverse portfolio – While her production company develops movies across India’s film industries, she continues to work tirelessly as an activist and ambassador for UNICEF and recently turned a tech investor in the women-first social network app, Bumble that empowers women to take control of their futures

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It’s no wonder then that she becomes the first Indian woman to be on the American cover of Vogue!

After being on the Time Magazine’s power cover, one of 15 international covers she’s featured on, Priyanka Chopra opens up about her modern-day love story with Nick Jonas and her boundary-breaking career.

From an excerpt from her interview with Vogue USA, says Priyanka, “ Life prepared me for it, all the moving around.I knew what cultural differences were. I knew that differences don’t make us different. Differences make us interesting.” Revealing an interesting conversation she had with ABC’s casting executive Keli Lee flew to Mumbai to persuade Chopra to meet with her about Quantico, she says “The only thing I told her was: I don’t want my ethnicity to lead the part that I play. I want to have a job. I want to have a plot. I want to have a story.”