The purpose of the Fiji Scouts Association is to contribute to the development of young people.

This was highlighted by the President Major-General (Ret’d) Jioji Konrote while opening the Fiji Scouts Association Annual General Meeting today.

“This development aims at achieving their full physical, intellectual, social, spiritual and emotional potentials as individuals, and to be responsible citizens and members of their local, national and international community,” President Konrote said.

“We are volunteers, supporters and professional leaders to all scouts who want to do better.”

President Konrote said Scouting plays an important role in every civilized community today.

“Youths engaged in substance abuse, after sports brawls, petty break-ins and other mischief when they are idle or have no guidance from adults,” President Konrote added.

He said scouting offers an avenue to share their (youths) challenges and feel appreciated.

“Scouting programs foster friendship, tolerance and understanding and perseverance to those around them.”

The meeting was attended by scouts from all over Fiji.