Pratibha Ranta makes her debut in Zee TV’s new fiction offering ‘Qurbaan Hua’

There’s just a handful of people in life that any of us would give a hand and leg for … it could be anyone from a dearly cherished childhood friend to your spouse to a close sibling but for most of us in India, it is our family. Zee TV’s next primetime offering Qurbaan Hua is an intense drama about two young, passionate individuals, caught in a crossfire of destiny and on a mission-driven by the love and pride of their family. Despite being two completely different people hailing from starkly different backgrounds and cultures, Neel and Chahat are about to sacrifice the single-most-important and intimate relationship of life and tie the knot with each other, without a trace of love that forms the foundation of any marriage. While he is burning with the fire of revenge for his sister’s death, she is single-mindedly determined to clear her abbu’s name as she’s convinced he’s had no role to play in the death of Neel’s sister. The question, then, is – What lengths will they go to for the love and pride of their family?

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Zee TV has roped in debutant Pratibha Ranta, who is currently pursuing a graduate degree in film making, to play the role of Chahat in Qurbaan Hua. Chahat is an open-minded, compassionate girl, who wants to work for the benefit of poor people. An ambitious person, Chahat wants to be a top doctor, just like her abbu and treat the underprivileged. In fact, she has more faith in humanity than in any religion. The 24-year-old also believes in action over the discussion and though she is extremely beautiful, it is her intelligence that will grab everyone’s attention. However, her world turns upside down when her father has to pack his bags and escape from the city after the blame for the death of Neel’s sister begins to pose a threat to his own life.

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Talking about her character, Pratibha Ranta revealed, “I must say that it is an honour to be given such a big opportunity of playing a strong lead character in my very first show. The best part is that I am going to be making my debut on Zee TV, a channel that I’ve been following since childhood. Last year, I arrived in Mumbai to learn filmmaking and within a few months, I came across this opportunity and bagged it. I also need to add that I didn’t even blink once before accepting the part because I associate with her very much. I feel Chahat is a spirited young woman and every girl would want to be like her. I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction to my character and the show.”

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Produced by Full House Media, the story of Qurbaan Hua is based in the majestic hills of Devprayag where the two rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi blend seamlessly to form the Ganga. The show brings forward the journey of two equally powerful and headstrong individuals whose destinies find them entering the institution of marriage with agendas of their own, a move that is about to change their fate forever.