PM urges stakeholders and business owners to incorporate sustainability into business plans

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has urged stakeholders and business owners to incorporate sustainability into their business plans.

While speaking at the Prime Minister’s International Business Awards at GPH last night, Bainimarama stresses that it is imperative that Fiji, businesses and the people realize the importance of a sustainable and green economy for the future of Fiji’s economy and the future of our children, we must strike a balance between development and sustainability.

Bainimarama adds that the theme for this year’s awards is “Achieving Sustainable Economic Growth,” reflecting Fiji’s push to not only build a vibrant economy, but to build one that raises the bar for responsibility and resilience.


The Prime Minister says that coming straight off the heels of Pre-COP discussions in Nadi, he could not think of a better and more fitting theme for the night than one of sustainability.

He reiterated that during his address on the first day of Pre-COP, he spoke to hundreds of delegates from over 68 countries, telling them how Fiji is working to transform it’s economy for a more sustainable future—a future that will help Fijians improve their quality of life and adapt to the worsening effects of climate change. Bainimarama stressed that the importance of exporters in any economy can never be emphasized enough.


He also commended that through the exporters and businesses’ hard work; the Fijian economy continues to thrive as they have all played a crucial role in turning the Fijian economy as one of the best performing economies in the Pacific, fueling eight straight years of economic growth. Meanwhile, Tappoo Group of companies came out top winners bagging the Supreme Award and the Re-exporter of the year award.

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