Parramatta welcomes new creative artists

Parramatta Artists Studios has welcomed 14 new artists from a range of disciplines who will take up six to twelve-month residencies in the CBD. A record number of applications were received with 85 artists applying for a studio. “Artists can be a resource for a city and the artists applying for the studios are sending a clear message that they are eager to be based in Parramatta,” City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Cr Andrew Wilson said.

“Parramatta Artists Studios has helped foster the careers of many successful artists that have helped to enrich our cultural fabric. “This selection of artists, from Western Sydney and beyond, bring with them a wealth of cultural and creative experience.” The new resident artists are Emily Parsons-Lord, Chris Dolman, Anthony Macris, Jessica Bradford, Lisa Sammut, Tom Blake, Rebecca Gallo, Justine Youssef and Rosie Deacon. Returning artists include Khadim Ali, Emma Fielden, Caroline Garcia, Shireen Taweel and Garry Trinh.


Parramatta Artists Studios Coordinator Sophia Kouyoumdjian led the selection committee and said it was a highly competitive process with quality applicants. “The panel reviewed a diverse range of art forms, artistic practices, and career stages and recognised a significant number of skilful early-career artists from Western Sydney. The selected artists represent the dynamism and diversity of the applications,” Ms Kouyoumdjian said. The 2018 artists will collaborate with Council and cultural organisations throughout their tenancy to contribute to the City’s vibrant annual program of events and festivals.

Punchbowl artist Shireen Taweel, who explores cross-cultural discourse through her work with copper, said she welcomed the support of the studios. “As a Western Sydney artist, I inherently value being part of the Parramatta artistic community and contributing to it. Looking at the future of Parramatta and its progressive values around arts and culture, the City is at the forefront by engaging local audiences with its programming and supporting local artists,” Ms Taweel said.