Paritosh with sister Geeta Kapoor spending holiday in Goa

A holiday is very important for each one either they are an actor or an ordinary person. Actor Paritosh Tripathi, who is known for his intense performance and hilarious comedy shared his views recently. We can find him either with writing something or doing hosting of any shows but these days you can find him on Goa beaches. He and his Rakhi sister choreographer Geeta Kapoor chilling these days on Goa beaches. He is in full holiday mood that’s why his dress to hairstyle everything is in Goa style.

On Goa vacation, he commented “In India, Goa is one of the best places to cut out from everything and just relax on beaches. From a longer time I was planning to spend a few days at goa. Goa holiday happened because of my sister Geeta Di (Geeta Kapoor is Rakhi sister of Paritosh Tripathi) one day she said let’s go Goa and we are here. She has advised me what to wear in Goa, you can check me from top to bottom, I am in a holiday mood. There are many pending works which I will complete once I will be back to Mumbai. But right now, it’s time to chill and relax and take a break. I am exploring goa on the bike which is the best way to explore Goa.

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How much he is enjoying his holidays that we can see with his super exciting pictures.