Parashakti Redefining Space Meet

By Kabir M Ali

Parashakti is an initiative by Mrs Reshma H Singh that is determined to bring the change we all seek. If you are in some pain, if you have been victimized, if you feel weak and abandoned or discriminated– then Parashakti is going to be that platform where your voices will be heard, justice would be done and your dignity restored. But please remember all form of injustice must first be confronted by you – your own self…because you have that power inside you…you know it or not. Through a woman flows creation and all form of life energy. You are that Shakti that fills this universe.

Mission Shakti was not just aimed at testing our capabilities to bring down anything that intrudes our space but also a subtle warning to those who might even consider doing that. If we can destroy a possible threat 300 km away, we can surely deal with anything closer.

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There is comfort in the knowledge that we can fight. Defining spaces and maintaining boundaries has always been an issue with women. It has become easy for predators to cross the boundaries because these boundaries have not been firmly defined and our reactions are more of self-pity and frustration than of retaliation and that of a warrior.
Most of us don’t even know if we can fight …or we must fight. The truth is there comes a time in everyone’s life when they must learn how to fight-.for the dignity, respect, opportunities or recognition that we deserve.

The film and television industry is full of artists, technicians and performers with tender hearts and vulnerable souls. The heart that creates art becomes even easier to be crushed. But it is because we let that happen. The real power lies within us and we can become stronger by coming together- by holding each other’s hand, by sharing our experiences and strengthening each other.

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Indresh Kumar who is Nationalist Leader said – Drugs break the body but we also need to address the drug of casteism and objectification of women which intoxicates the mind.

Reshma Singh who organised this forum said -we need to identify the contours of the physical and psychological space that gets tested if not transgressed when it comes to women. The nagging feeling of what could happen is itself a burden we as a society need to rid our women of. And it’s also up to the fathers to give their daughters the confidence to stand up for themselves!

Prof Rakesh Upadhyay from BHU said – The female form is the mother of all creation. The creator is always supreme. I urge all my mothers and sisters to take maa durgas form if anyone tries to transgress their space. Dr. Y Srinivas Rao from DRDO said- We have always been a scientific civilisation and today we are again on the path to regaining that place in the world. Mission Shakti is only the beginning. It is like the awakened female spirit of India.


Abhinav Kashyap who is a well-known writer-director said -Toxic masculinity is a curse. Men think it’s their right to make an advance rather than making an attempt to woo a woman respectfully Ace photographer Pravin Talan was felicitated by Dr Y Srinivas Rao, Project Director Mission Shakti, DRDO, for his exceptional work on National Security and Women Empowerment over the years.