Papua New Guinea and Nauru Resettlement Arrangements

The first group of refugees from Papua New Guinea and Nauru are expected to depart PNG and Nauru in coming weeks.

The refugees will receive notification of the outcome of their application to resettle under the US Refugee Admissions Program in coming days.  Processing of other individuals continues and further decisions by US authorities are expected in due course.

The resettlement arrangement demonstrates the strength of Australia’s relationship with the US. I want to thank the United States for their cooperation. We have a long history of working together on a range of global refugee and humanitarian issues.

As we have made clear from the outset the resettlement arrangements will take time and will not be rushed. I repeat that we will not be providing running commentary on this matter.


My message to people thinking about coming to Australia illegally by boat is that this is a one-off arrangement that will not be available to any future illegal maritime arrival.

Any people smuggling boats that attempt to reach Australia will be intercepted and turned back.