Pankaj Tripathi prefers to keep the company of young writers. Here’s why!

Considered amongst the best performers of current times, Pankaj Tripathi is more than just a fine actor. He is indeed an artist par excellence but additionally, he believes in building the artistic community through dialogue and discussion. It’s no surprise that every time anyone meets Pankaj, they’d find him chatting up aspiring writers. It wouldn’t incorrect to say that Pankaj is often the go-to man for many aspiring and young writers in the business. Even when he cannot accommodate all their films in his packed schedule, they sit with him for narrations to bounce off stories and concepts.

The actor is often known to hone others’ stories and despite his busy schedule he never changes his ways, still taking out time to help writers and brainstorming with them. It would be fair to say that Pankaj finds tremendous joy in helping them polish their scripts, in turn learning about more stories, intricacies of which he brings to his performances. Pankaj is enamoured by the world of literature and often in the company of writers, he is introduced to worlds and stories he isn’t familiar with. Some of the best writers he is often seen sharing his views and thoughts are Varun Grover, Puneet Sharma, Nilotpal Mrinal, Gaurav Solanki amongst many others.

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“The process helped me to grow as an actor because, at the end of the day, an actor too is a part of the larger process of communicating the same vision. An actor is merely communicating what a writer has written and it’s a symbiotic process of growing together. The spirit of any film lies in the script which is owned firstly by a writer and actors are tools putting out in the world that story. It’s a collaborative process of growing and evolving together,” said Pankaj.