Pallavi Joshi joins the fight against Covid-19

Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other celebrities have been out in force on social media sharing their tips for helping to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

From protective clothing to elbow greetings and the best songs to sing while washing your hands, they’ve been offering their suggestions on social media.

Now Pallavi is appealing the people “I’m sure all of you must be bored cooped up in your homes and not stepping out. I am utterly bored. But I’ve decided to utilise this time to connect with friends. Due to our hectic schedules we remain in touch only on WhatsApp. So I am calling my friends and having long conversations with them. It really brightens up the day. I’m tending to my plants, cleaning around the house, reading, spending time with my dogs, trying to cook up activities for the family together.

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Her’s an idea. Let’s cut some slack. Let’s share what each one is doing on this group until we are stuck at home. Once we start working let’s go back to professional behaviour with no nonsense on this group. But until then let’s inspire each other. Come on. Who’s next to share?” Says actress Pallavi Joshi.

However, we strongly suggest you stick to government and World Health Organization guidelines.