Paediatric Specialist Centre Press Release – Dr Sangeeta Garg

Celebrating its inauguration on Saturday March 9th, the Paediatric Specialist Centre welcomed esteemed guests to join in the grand opening festivities. Nestled near the heart of Blacktown, it only seemed natural for Mr. Stephen Bali, Mayor of Blacktown City Council, to start the proceedings. Within his opening speech, he brought focus to the needs of the many children and young people living in Blacktown and its surrounds, noting a thriving, up-and-coming community, filled with individuals of all shapes and sizes – including an increasing number of young families, with diverse medical needs. Ms. Michelle Rowland, Federal Member for Greenway, reaffirmed these sentiments, and the importance of the Paediatric Specialist Centre in supporting families.

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Highlighting a need for integration and defragmentation of paediatric services, Dr. Kean-Seng Lim, President of the Australian Medical Association (New South Wales), sought about reinforcing the idea that, ultimately, prevention and early intervention, is far superior to reactionary measures, and plays a key role in ensuring a future for our youth.

Dr. Sangeeta Garg, Consultant Paediatrician and founder of the Paediatric Specialist Centre, spoke of her vision for a united, team-oriented approach to the care of each and every young mind that steps through her door.
With a range of medical specialists and therapists available within the premises, the Paediatric Specialist Centre aspires to be a Centre of Excellence for children and parents alike.

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It is the only Specialist Centre in Western Sydney that is solely dedicated to the care of children in its entirety.