Paakhi A Tyrewala & Salony Luthra’s short film Kajal celebrates the #MeToo campaign

Kajal is shortlisted for JioFilmfare best film

As we go into 2018, the one film in 2017 that celebrated the #metoo campaign is Paakhi A Tyrewala & Salony Luthra’s short film Kajal. The film directed by Paakhi A Tyrewala and starring Salony Luthra with an all-female crew highlights the bullying women face at the workplace and at home. The film celebrates women standing up to this constant harassment and fighting it. 
Says Salony Luthra, “The #MeToo campaign helped in highlighting sexual harassment globally. It got women across the world to stand up together in a unique way. Kaajal came much before the #MeToo campaign and I realize now that it sends an equally strong message about gender inequality. It is an effort to sensitize the society, the men around us. I really feel that would make a much bigger and faster change. When they made to feel more sensitive and respectful of what the other sex goes through. Kaajal explores the unsaid in relationships – in the workplace and at home.”
Director Paakhi A Tyrewala adds, “We were an all-female crew for Kajal. I have always believed in using cinema to give strong messages to the audiences. The whole idea of making this film was to portray gender inequality and expose the unequal dynamics at play. I am so happy that audiences are able to feel the emotions that we wanted them to feel and even more. I believe that true equality will emerge not through laws and rules but when women will choose to stand up for themselves. Kajal is the woman standing up for herself and so is #Metoo campaign.”
The film won the best short film at the prestigious River to River Film Festival and has been receiving standing ovations and appreciation from other top film festivals like New York Film Festival and Chicago South Asian Film Festival. Kajal directed by Paakhi A Tyrewala is now nominated in the best short film category at the Jio Filmfare short film Award.