Assistant Health Minister Mr Alex O’Connor extended his sincere gratitude to the health workers for commitment in providing essential health services in the villages.

He met the health workers while visiting the health facilities in Taveuni. These health workers have been trained in to render their services and work closely with the nurses to assist the people who need medical attention.

Five women in the Vuna district in Taveuni have been engaged in providing community health services in their respective villages in consultation with the station nurse.

Nunia Corerega of Kanacea village in Vuna, Taveuni visits the people in their homes to provide the services as well assist in the MCH clinics.

“Every month during the first and second week we visit the patients particularly for home cases as they cannot come to the Health station and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays we assist in the children’s clinic at the station”, said Ms Corerega.

The Governments initiative of rewarding the community health workers financially has filtered down well in the community as it provides a source of income for their families while it eases the workload of the station nurses.