Nyra Banerjee wins hearts with her dauntlessness

The very gorgeous Nyra Banerjee is known for her audacity and fearlessness. She is seen to be playing the role of Divya in the StarPlus show Divya Drishti in which the plot has taken a very interesting turn. Divya’s character which used to be extremely bindass and quirky has now transformed into a villainous avatar as she is possessed with Pishachini’s powers. With this new avatar, she now has to perform various valiant stunts.

The actress is driven by her fierceness and dauntlessness as she performs all the stunts on her own. She shared, “I have always been the adventurous kind and doing things that give me a sense of thrill. Who would have thought that playing the role of Divya would involve having to do such daring stunts? I got an opportunity that I did not want to let go of. This is why I love to do all the stunts on the show, on my own.” She added, “It really excites me to go on set and do something that really delights me. Doing all these stunts on my own is a very electrifying experience and I am really enjoying my work.”

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It would be an enthralling experience to see Nyra Banerjee on the show performing thrilling stunts with her dauntlessness. The storyline has become all the more interesting with this twist and transformation of Divya’s character.