An elected NSW Labor Government will review NSW government advertising practices to ensure the role of the independent multicultural media is elevated and supported.

NSW Labor is committed to reinvigorating the state’s multicultural media after 12 years of neglect by the NSW Liberals.

First as treasurer and now as Premier, Domonic Perrottet’s failure to support the multicultural media has left many organisations fighting for survival.

NSW Labor’s review will include:

Auditing how much has been spent on multicultural advertising and where it was spent;
Reducing the use of consultants and other ‘intermediary’ agencies to increase the share of spend reaching local multicultural media;
Encouraging direct negotiation with local multicultural media as a way of delivering better value to taxpayers;
Examining the benefits of a procurement panel for multicultural advertising expenditure;
Reducing the reliance on multinational social media platforms in favour of home-grown digital media channels;
Developing ways to support digital transformation and journalistic excellence in the multicultural media sector.

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Quotes from Steve Kamper, Shadow Minister for Multiculturalism

“Whether its print, radio, broadcast or online, the independent multicultural media are a trusted source of information for our diverse community in NSW.” “But multicultural media is under threat due to a lack of NSW Government support. The NSW Liberals have been funnelling money to multinational platforms and media consultants instead of working directly with home-grown companies.”

“Domonic Perrottet’s promise of 7.5 per cent of government’s advertising turned out to be a lie with many media companies seeing their advertising receipts going backwards.” “Now a desperate Dominic Perrottet says he will make it 15 per cent. This is an election sham – he can’t meet his 7.5 per cent target, let alone 15 per cent.”

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“NSW Labor will deliver a plan for a sustainable multicultural media where we work in partnership to serve the different language communities in NSW.”