NSW Opposition Leader Elect Jodi McKay announced today that she would take on the key multiculturalism portfolio herself, in a clear signal to diverse communities across NSW that Labor is putting them at the heart of its decision-making processes.

Ms McKay has a long and proud record of supporting multicultural communities across her electorate of Strathfield, one of the most diverse communities in Australia, and has always been a fierce advocate for multicultural communities across NSW.

Ms McKay said: “One of my first priorities as the newly elected NSW Labor Leader will be to listen to multicultural communities across NSW and put them at the centre of everything our party does. “I represent one of the most diverse communities. I have always been proud to stand up for multicultural communities and to make sure Australians from all backgrounds are treated with fairness and respect.

“Labor has a long and proud history of supporting multiculturalism in NSW and under my leadership we will listen to communities across the state so they can thrive like never before.

“This is one very important plank of my agenda, which will be to fight for fairness and respect for everyone across NSW. We’re a community, not a corporation, and Labor under my leadership is going to be a very big tent with a very big heart.” Ms McKay thanked Sophie Cotsis MP and Jihad Dib MP who both previously held the portfolio for their hard work and strong advocacy for multicultural communities across NSW.

Ms McKay said the rest of shadow cabinet would be announced later this week.