Prime Minister and Minister for Sugar Voreqe Bainimarama has announced the appointment of Mr. Vishnu Mohan as Chairman of the Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC). Mr. Mohan is the former Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Banking Group CEO for the Pacific and Fiji. The appointment will come into effect 8 August, 2016.

The Prime Minister decided to appoint Mr. Mohan after extensive consultations and discussions within and outside the government to identify someone with a strong record of executive business leadership and successful management, particularly in the banking and agricultural sectors.

In naming Mr. Mohan, the Prime Minister pointed to Mr. Mohan’s highly successful background in managing agricultural commodities and his significant experience in the financial sector as major considerations.


“Given the importance of our sugarcane industry, we are constantly exploring ways to improve existing systems and appoint the right people to the right jobs at all levels. That includes ensuring that we have skilled and steady strategic direction at the very top. Mr. Mohan has consistently demonstrated that he has the talent, experience and know-how to create complex financial solutions and develop the kind of sustainable strategies for growth that our sugarcane industry needs and our sugarcane farmers deserve to prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead,” said the Prime Minister.

Mr. Mohan is no stranger to the sugarcane industry. He worked extensively with the FSC during his time as ANZ CEO for Fiji and the Pacific, and was instrumental in developing a $91 million export-finance facility for the FSC. He also led ANZ to its highest-ever net profit after tax in the Fijian market.

Mr. Mohan previously served as the CEO and Managing Director for Standard Chartered Bank Ghana, where he was actively involved with the global annual export-financing syndicate of the Ghana Cocoa Board – a total facility ranging in value from USD350-600 million. Under his leadership, the Board achieved lead mandates for the syndication of cocoa valued at USD 300 million in 1998 and 500 million in 1999.

“In selecting our new Chairman, we looked for leadership qualities that would translate into good governance and, most importantly, improved outcomes for our sugarcane farmers. We’ve found that in Mr. Mohan. We currently have two sugar bills in the committee stage, and I look forward to working with Mr. Mohan to collaborate with our farmers to implement Government’ vision for the sugarcane industry that will bring about improved services and increased incomes for our farmers,” said the Prime Minster.

Mr. Mohan holds Ceylon G.C.E. Ordinary Level and G.C.E. Advanced Level qualifications from the Institute of Bankers Examination, London, and has received numerous training certifications in global banking and management. Mr. Abdul Khan has relinquished his position as Chairman of FSC, but will continue in his role as the CEO.