Not much masti in this one

Review of the movie ‘Great Grand Masti’ by G9 Divya Solgama

Indra Kumar, a director who was known for making super hit family dramas in the 90’s era ventured into the zone of adult comedy with ‘Masti’ in the year 2004. The movie despite of having adult humour attached to it, had top level of actors in the form of Ajay Devgan, VivekOberoi, RiteshDeshmukh and others. This movie re-introduced the genre of adult comedies which was incepted by Hrishikesh Mukherjee in the form of his small budget film ‘Sab Se BadaSukh’ in the early 70’s era. The genre grew a bit bold in the form of films like ShekharSuman’s ‘Anubhav’ or Govinda’s ‘Tan Badan’, but eventually, settled down to B-grade films focusing more on the graphic nudity rather than on verbal humour. Thanks to the success of ‘Masti’ and ‘Kya KoolHain Hum’, this genre found its place in the A-grade cinema. In the last decade, we saw many big actors and directors trying to venture into this territory of adult comedies, but very few managed to make their mark. The film makers shifted their focus from verbal comedy to addition of graphic comedy and nudity making many of the films from this genre look cheap and vulgar. ‘Grand Masti’, which was Indra Kumar’s second franchise in the ‘Masti’ series, lacked the finesse despite of being a huge hit at the box-office. He returns back with the third franchise in the form of ‘Great Grand Masti’. So let’s find out whether ‘Great Grand Masti’ will manage to create some naughty wonders like how it happened in the case of ‘Masti’ or might be yet another overdose of vulgar adult comedies with loads of skin show just to titillate its targeted audience, justlike it happened in the case of this year’s other releases ‘Mastizaade’ and ‘Kya KoolHain Hum 3’.

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‘Great Grand Masti’ is a story of three friend Amar (RiteshDeshmukh), Prem (AftabShivdasani) and Meet (VivekOberoi), who fail to lead a romantic life with their respective spouses (Pooja Bose, Shraddha Das &Mishti) due to the interference of their family members. The trio reach at a point where they decide to venture into the taboo territory of infidelity. They set out on a trip to Amar’s property in a village. There they meet Ragini (UrvashiRautela), who promises to take good care of them. Amar, Prem and Meet keep trying their luck in order to win Ragini’s heart by outshining each other. Later, they come to know that Ragini is a ghost looking for an intercourse and what happens next is what the entire film is all about.

The story starts on the lines of ‘Masti’ series and goes on an interesting level in the second half. The first half has some witty adult humour on the lines of ‘Masti’ but inbetween the skin show and mild vulgar scenes keeps popping up. The second half looks interesting on papers and starts off well but, fails to do justice to the theme of the film as it lacks the conviction factor. There are few funny scenes like Ritesh talking to his mother-in-law and treating his patient, Sanjay Mishra singing film songs as his sermons, Aftab sharing his problem with his wife, trio’s disappointment on reaching the village, Ritesh sharing fake stories about Aftab and Vivek to Urvashi followed by knowing the truth about her, ShreyasTalpade’s track and few more. These scenes remind you of the wittiness ‘Masti’ movie had. Sadly, these scenes are minimal in comparison to the scenes which goes overboard or at time crosses the thin line of vulgarity. There are some horrendous scenes like Ritesh hallucinating weird images of his wife and mother-in-law, Vivek’s problem related to his brother-in-law, trio asked to masturbate at gunpoint by a stranger, Aftab getting bitten by a snake, Urvashi trying to seduce all three at the dining table followed by trio trashing their wives out there, trio trying to seduce Ritesh’s mother-in-law, Sanjay Mishra removing watermelon, the whole KarvaChauth melodrama, trio calling another ghost followed by terrible ending. These scenes are highly vulgar and cheap. The graphic nudity is forced but, in comparison to films like ‘Mastizaade’, is thankfully low. The camera work is strictly average and all the C.G.I work are below expectation level. The movie should have been trimmed in the last hour as it just keeps dragging till the weird finale.

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Music has been a high point in Indra Kumar’s films and out here he manages to get some foot tapping scores like ‘Teri KamarKo’, ‘ReshamKaRumaal’ and ‘Lipstick Laga Le’.

Director Indra Kumar infuses the soul of ‘Masti’ & ‘Grand Masti’ in this movie, which has little bit of witty humour followed by overdose of vulgarity and forced humour. Thankfully, he restrained himself from the stereotype scenes like the homosexual jokes, zoomed cleavage shots, idiotic metaphors related to sexual positions and few more which were seen in the recent so called adult comedies. The whole idea of inducing the ghost element seems good on papers but lost its charm while execution. The melodramatic scenes in the last hour of the film takes us back into the Jurassic era.

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When it comes to adult comedies RiteshDeshmukh gets it with total finesse. He portrays it with total ease and passes out with flying colours. VivekOberoi and AftabShivdasani are fine as per their characters in the film. Aftab getting ideas, reminds you of the fun one had in such scenes at the time of ‘Masti’. Though, the vulgar scenes especially all three of them trying to seduce Ritesh’s mother-in-law in the film and the whole snake bite part makes them go over the top. UrvashiRautela looks good as per her role. She tries hard to get her angry and seducing looks, but fails miserably. SudeshLehri’s cameo is funny. ShreyasTalpade part is enjoyable. UshaNadkarni as Ritesh’s mother-in-law hams to the fullest. Sanjay Mishra is wasted. Pooja Bose, Mishti and Shraddha Das have hardly anything to offer.

So on an overall basis, ‘Great Grand Masti’ is funny in minimal parts followed by lots of vulgar scenes and topped by mediocre melodrama. Though, its bit light balderdash in comparison to films like ‘Guddu Ki Gun’ or ‘Mastizaade’.

Rating – 2/5

(Review source – Cinemarkets)