Nirbhay Wadhwa performs his own stunts!

StarPlus’ show, Qayamat Ki Raat, has continued to entertain the viewers with its stellar cast and intriguing story line. On top of its captivating story, the action sequences on the show have always given a visual appeal to the audiences too.

While the action sequences are not easy to perform, floating in mid-air with harness, high impact fighting sequences and many more such scenes are performed by stuntmen too to save the actors too. But actor Nirbhay Wadhwa, who plays Tantrik Kalasur in Qayamat Ki Raat, prefers doing his stunts himself. Being the negative lead on the show has its own odds and quits. But Nirbhay, who follows heavy workout every day and even endorses healthy living, has decided to do his own stunts on the show. Since he plays an undead Tantrik on the show, he has many supernatural powers which are impossible for a normal human being.

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From picking up a person with one hand to performing fight sequences, Nirbhay prefers doing his own stunts, even with a harness. Nirbhay says, “I prefer doing my own stunts. I don’t just believe in body building, but building my core strength too. While a stuntman can do a commendable job too, I like doing my own stunts.”