“Nick’s entry is going to bring dramatic twists in the show,” says Amit Verma, who plays Nick in Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya

Tell us about your character?

In Wagle Ki Duniya, my character Nick is well-established, charming, and a little arrogant. He can be egoistic at times due to some of his beliefs. He has a tough exterior, but underneath it all he is a nice person, once he understands his mistakes or flaws, has no qualms admitting and working on them.

It’s your comeback in the show, what is the feedback that you are getting from the audience?

It’s been great. The outpouring love and support from the viewers has overwhelmed me. My character Nick was introduced as a judgmental and egoistic individual with superficial ideologies. Many of my fans initially questioned why I was playing such an egoistic character. The viewers have always seen me as a positive character, but they also liked the fact that I can effortlessly portray multiple aspects of a character. Furthermore, I knew that my character in Wagle Ki Duniya would eventually go through a journey of self-discovery and transformation, so the reactions to my character Nick have been very positive and encouraging.

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Tell us about your experience of working with the cast.

It’s always a delight to work alongside a talented cast. As actors, I’ve always admired Sumeet and Pariva. I even had the pleasure of working with Pariva on my first show, ‘Hotel Kingston’ and it’s incredible to see how far she’s come as an actor. To top it all off, I always learn and observe all the actors on set, and they are such wonderful people.

Tell us some BTS stories.

There’s one story which was entertaining to others but not to me. I had shot a swimming sequence for an advertisement the day before the shoot. My skin is extremely sensitive to chlorine, so when I had to go to the Wagle Ki Duniya shoot the next day, my face was all red around my stubble area, and we had no choice but to shoot. Fortunately, the make-up artist did an excellent job of concealing it, but I was shooting my first scene with an itchy face, and I couldn’t get the scene right. But I managed to get through it. I don’t think I’ll ever swim again before a shoot. (laughs).

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What are the twists and turns that Nick is going to bring in the storyline?

As viewers have seen on the show, Nick is going to be entertaining and interesting. Because he is from the United States, his disposition will differ from that of the other characters in the show, resulting in an interesting turn of events. Viewers will also witness some amusing banter between Kiara and Nick. Nick and Kiara’s relationship, in my opinion, is reminiscent of Aamir Khan and Urmila Matondkar from the film Rangeela.