New York-based school to make documentary on Raveena Tandon’s single motherhood!

Raveena Tandon was the first to do away with the stigma of single parenthood as she adopted two daughters in 1995. Two decades after that, the super mommy has been approached by a New York-based school called ‘Film Connection’ to narrate the story of motherhood in a documentary based on her life, which shall outline the journey of raising two daughters by herself.

Always the one to be ahead of times, Tandon says, “Back then, the wave of feminism hadn’t hit India as strongly as it has today. Female infanticide was on the rise. No one wanted to adopt daughters.” Raveena, who apparently adopted the girls from a distant cousin encountering financial troubles, says, “The moment I set my eyes on my girls, it was love at first sight. My life has been a joyride ever since. My most cherished memories involve their childhood.”

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When asked about the challenges of raising two children, the ravishing beauty said that the teen years were a rough patch but they have been her best friends after.

Raveena added, “Unfortunately, people say nasty things to you when you take such a step, even if your intentions are pure. I faced flak from people, who said that the move would ruin my career. However, it turned out to be for the better. My life would have never been as blissful without them as it is today.”