Neena Gupta gets inspired by a show trailer; gets teary-eyed while remembering her dad

Zee TV’s next primetime offering Qurbaan Hua is an intense drama about Neel and Chahat, two passionate young individuals, who despite hailing from starkly different backgrounds and cultures, have one thing in common – they’re both warriors for love, willing to give an arm and leg for their respective families. Without batting an eyelid, they are ready to sacrifice the single-most important and intimate relationship of life and tie the knot with each other, in the absence of love that forms the foundation of any marriage. While he is burning with the fire of revenge for his sister’s death, she is single-mindedly determined to clear her Abbu’s name as she’s convinced he’s had no role to play in the death of Neel’s sister. The question, then, is – What lengths will they go to for the love and pride of their family?

Zee TV’s promos of Qurbaan Hua have not only gained immense traction across social media but the beautifully crafted line which captures the show’s essence – Jab Parivaar Par Ho Vaar, Insaan Kare Har Hadd Paar has caught the eyes of a brilliant veteran actress who is a role model to millions of women for her bold life choices, her immense talent and her never-say-die spirit.

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Moved by the thought of being a #WarriorForLove, veteran actress Neena Gupta has posted a video, sharing a personal account about her own #WarriorForLove, her father Roop Narayan Gupta, who lived every moment of his life for the happiness of his family.

Reminiscing days of being a daughter to a man who kept his family on the highest pedestal of priorities, Neena Gupta was truly touched by the strong emotions that guide Neel and Chahat towards their union as a couple and the lengths to which they go for the love and pride of their families. In a video message to her fans along with a note, she said, “I heard about a poetic line on TV – ‘Jab Parivaar pe ho vaar, insan kare har hadd par. As simple as it may sound, but it is something that is true for all of us. It reminds me of someone who left everything behind for me and that was none other than my own father.”

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Amidst her conquests as an actor and being a single parent to her daughter, Masaba, Neena recalls, “He supported me through thick and thin. We were very close but have lived with different ideologies and ambitions. I was very passionate about my career and he always sacrificed his dreams for mine. He not only accepted me but my daughter as well. He took care of my daughter, my house, even helped me during our financial troubles, and let it all pass with a smile on his face. Whenever I was pushed to the corner by the world, my father was next to me to hold me tight. We had an age gap but he was always trying to fill it by staying close to us and keeping us warm and secure.”

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Articulating her thoughts on the importance of loving our family through a poem of her own, she recites, “pyaar se parivaar hai aur parivaar se hi pyaar hai…saath mile jab jahaan do, ho muskurate pal hazaar.” She further concluded, “He (Mr. Gupta) isn’t there with us anymore in person but will always be there with us. I will also support and sacrifice everything for my daughter to fulfil her dreams. Today, I feel proud to say that I am also a #WarriorForLove and will always be there for my daughter like my father was there for me at all times.”