Fijians living in Motoriki will soon have access to clean drinking water and will no longer rely on water delivered by government vessels.

This is after the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Disaster Management and Fiji Meteorological Services Hon. Jone Usamate visited initial works that have already begun with the laying of the pipeline from the water source on top of the hills of Wainaloka to Wainaloka settlement.

Three officers from the Water Authority of Fiji are currently working on the hills of Waidau digging and laying the water main with assistance from men of Moturiki.

From Wainaloka the water main will then be laid on the seabed before it reaches Moturiki island and its 10 villages of Moturiki.

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Minister Usamate told the land owners of Waidau that the main challenge now for Government is to provide clean water for all Fijian households by the year 2031.

He also commended the land owners of Navuloa, the Tui Waidau, and the Ratu mai Bureta on the island of Ovalau for their generosity in allowing the sharing of their water source with their neighbouring island of Moturiki in the province of Lomaiviti.

“This kind gesture depicts the true spirit of care that our forefathers are renowned for and I must commend you the land owners for that,” Minister Usamate said.

“On behalf of the Prime Minister who has been supporting and following this project closely, I would like to thank you the land owners for your chiefly wisdom of care for your fellowmen of Moturiki.”


Sakeasi Karavanua the District Representative for Moturiki expressed his appreciation to government for hearing the plight of the people of Moturiki who have been without clean water for a very long time.

Moturiki has an approximate population of 2,000 Fijians and has been prone to diseases caused by lack of clean drinking water.

Government has provided $3.2m in the last budget for the Moturiki water project.