Tears of joy were seen in the eyes of the 31-year-old village headman, Verasa Tuisawaqa as he saw the new 23 foot fibre boat berthed outside his village.

“My people look to me for guidance – families depend on me. It has not being easy, as members of the village started to doubt getting the new boat. They would come to me and ask me ‘What is happening to our boat?’ ‘You are the village head man, what you are doing about it?”. We need this boat to help us feed our families.”

“Seeing the boat berthed beside our village has given me a sign of relief. I am so happy and grateful to the Fijian Government for their help” says Mr Tuisawaqa.

The Permanent Sectary for Fisheries Craig Strong handed over a 23 foot vessel with a 75hp engine and safety equipment to the Nasilai Fishermen’s Association at Nasilai Community Hall, Tailevu

Mr Strong said that his ministry looks forward to working with the village in not only helping them help themselves but also insuring that the village benefits from all government initiatives and grants.

Nasilai Village consists of 15 families with over 50 villagers. The village sits on a small piece of land that does not have even have room for farming. The boat is set to not only help feed the 15 families but generate income for the village.