MX Player Slate for March 10

10th March, 2022
Directed By: Vikram Bhatt
Lead Cast: Sunny Leone, Sonnalli Seygall, Rahul Dev, Samir Soni, Shehzad Shaikh & Ayaz Khan

Bringing alive an edgy, engrossing, and entertaining spy thriller directed by Vikram Bhatt, MX Player will stream Sunny Leone starrer Anamika starting 10th March for free!

This 8-episode gun-fu action series highlights the chase of an intelligent agent who has allegedly gone rogue.

Anamika is a woman who suffers amnesia and has no memory of her life except for the fact that three years back, Dr Prasant saved her from a lethal accident, gave her a place in his home and heart as well as a name!

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Finding no answers to her forgotten past Anamika finally decides to move on with her life and marry the Doctor. But – no one seems to know the ultimate truth about her. Will Anamika be able to save herself from these powerful forces?

It’s time for Anamika to fight her past but as she solves one riddle after another, it’s clear that this is the beginning of their end.