We are here to explore a concept presented to us, with proper/structured due diligence on this relationship and the technology offered through this relationship. This was highlighted by Minister for Waterways and Environment, Agriculture, Rural and Maritime, Hon. Mahendra Reddy at the Press Meeting Announcing of the MOU signing between Infinite Power Company and the Ministry of Waterways and Environment.

“We need programs and technologies that can remediate waste including municipal solid waste, human sewage, animal manure, used tires, etc.” “Currently these waste are being burnt, buried or dumped into the landfill sites or sewage treatment ponds where the run-off, treated or untreated, ultimately can end up in our seas.”


Minister Reddy added that around 500 tons of new rubbish deposited on a daily basis into the many landfill sites located around the Fiji mainland and more than 30 mega-liters of raw human sewage are flushed into the local sewage treatment facilities.

“I visited Naboro Landfill less than three weeks ago and reviewed some of its existing operations and the challenges posed by daily waste being received and processed. “With over 100K tonnage that the landfill is receiving every year, this figure continues to increase.”

Minister Reddy said apart from about $3M operational costs, the Ministry has also spent over $15M in just expanding the landfill capacity. “We need to think outside the box, I tasked my senior management team to come up with a concept, a concept that would transform the thinking patterns toward dumping waste into our landfills.”

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Infinite Power Corporation Founder and CEO, Robert Beam said the company believes that climate change is a real situation that will eventually affect us all no matter where we live. So we are taking massive and immediate action to do our part right now to help make a difference by sharing and implementing these technologies with everybody.”