“More than my father, I consider my mother as my tutor,” says Salman Khan

Salman Khan, Interview With DIVYA SOLGAMA

“More than my father, I consider my mother as my tutor,” says Salman Khan.

The actor-filmmaker is launching two newcomers ZaheerIqbal and PranutanBahl in next production venture ‘Notebook’ which is a Hindi remake movie of 2014 Thai film ‘Teacher’s Day’. In a recent conversation, Salman Khan talks about the film, reason behind launching newcomers in his every produced films, relationship between his real-life teachers, and so on.

Notebook is a remake of the 2014 Thai film ‘Teacher’s Diary’. So have you seen the original movie?

It’s more beautiful film than Teacher’s Diary. The plot is same but we cannot make a Thai film in Hindi so we did a lot of work. Our film based and shot in Kashmir and so we have changed the entire backdrop of the love story in it. Considering all these, we have eventually made an anextremely beautiful movie.

What was your input when scripting was going on for Notebook?

I don’t want to take credit forcefully, because sometime things can go wrong with that. I was approached with this movie quite a long back, and it was offered to me as an actor. However, my image has been changed now and so couldn’t do it. For instance, when SubhashGhaiji came to me with ‘Yuuvraj’, I wanted to do remake of his film‘Hero’. He was not interested in it, and then later on we launched Sooraj (Pancholi) in ‘Hero’ (2015). So, it’s a wrong perception that we launch actors with the scripts that we have with us. In fact, we launch them in those films which I am unable to do because of my certain image that has been formed. ‘Notebook’ needed new couple in it and we have not roped Zaheer(Iqbal) and Pranutan(Bahl) because of their star parents. They have worked for 6-8 hours at a stretch to fit into their respective roles. In fact, I have watched some other audition of Pranutan and was quite surprised with her work. I called up Mohnish and then approached her with ‘Notebook’.

And was there any input from your father Salim Khan?

He knows every script. We actually discuss the plot of our every film with him, and then we make him to watch the rushes. After that he gives his valuable input like what should be added or subtracted. He points out the necessary changes.

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Do you wish that SalimKhan should write a script?

I want him to write, but he doesn’t wish to. I hope somebody convinces him for writing the same.

What is that one advice that you would like to give to today’s promising actors?

Stay out of trouble!

Music of ‘Notebook’ is getting an appreciation from all over, and so does of your every production films. What’s your take on that?

We always concentrate on good music. For instance, films like Hero and Loveyatri has some incredible music in it. I usually concentrate on melody, like if a person hears any song from the film, then it should hit immediately. Similarly, we have tried to do the same thing in Notebook and with god’s grace every song of the film is running successfully.

Which one is your favorite song in the movie?

BumbroBumbro! It was a super-hit song during those days, and now it’s sounding even better in ‘Notebook’.

What do you enjoy more – Producing a film or Acting in it?

Both! Producing a film is more of hard-work because you need to keep hands on everything – scripting, music, watching rushes, final edit, and so on. And this takes your lot of energy, because you are acting for other films and equally keeping tab on your production ventures as well.

Is there any chance to see you as a director in future?

I wanted to start my career with direction but that didn’t happen. Thank God!

You spoke about image changing, so is it a pre conceived notion that these days you are selecting scripts like Dabangg and not any typical love stories per se?

No, every film has love story. Even my action films like Dabangg and Wanted had a beautiful love story. Till the time you don’t have love story in a film, it won’t work. So I believe that a love story is a must in every film.

Your kind of romance in films is quite different from others, so have you given any kind of advice here with respect to that?

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No, everything was already there in the script. The beauty of this film is that both the characters fall in love with each other not because of their look, but because of their heart.

Have you written a notebook or personal diary kind of in your personal life?

I still remember that when I started to write my personal diary, I wrote too many truths in it. But then I realized that other people will get into trouble with my truths, and so rewrote it. However, then I came to know that I will get into trouble with my rewritten version. Later on, I stopped writing my personal diary only.

Both the lead characters in Notebook are playing as a teacher. So tell us something about your favorite teacher from school or college and still in touch with them?

I am in touch with Father Henry, who has lost his eyesight, is a priest now and lives in Mazgaon. Another one is Dsouza teacher, and also Pandey sir who taught us PT (Physical Training). Apart from them, there are quite a lot of teachers as well with whom I am still in contact with. However, my favorites are the ones who had beaten me the most, because I have learnt from them the most. I was also in touch with my school principal who also battered me a lot. I still remember that day when I took admission in Xavier’s College (Mumbai) and that too in Science stream because Arts was considered as chilliest stream. My father was surprised and told me that he will change his name if I managed to survive Science studies for more than 2-months. And when shared this news to my school principal that I took science stream, he slapped me hard because once I told him that I am interested in arts field. My school principal asked me if I am planning to become a Doctor, and when I said ‘No’, then angrily he said that why did I took science stream. So that was the relationship between us, but sadly I just got to knew sometime back that he passed away. And because of him and other teacher only I am here today.

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From the film industry, whom do you consider as your tutor?

My father! Actually more than my father, I consider my mother as my tutor. I have learnt skills like scripting and other things from father as inheritance. There are only 3 things in scripting – it has to be correct morally, ethically and principally.

You are known for launching newcomers, so is there anything special that notice in those newcomers?

I always notice one thing that there has to be a double look for that person, and this is what I had learnt ever since childhood. When you walk in a room then everyone should look at you, and if it doesn’t happen then forget about making something or having some value in this industry. My father have always taught me this that don’t make yourself notice to others whenever you go out, as it should be an effortless work. And then if someone asks about your parents, only then reveal it. So I see all the things as a child that I didn’t had, but these newcomers has. They all walk in a place and make me notice their presence, which itself is a big thing.

Do you think that some of your movies should not have a festival release to have a better response?

Yes, for instance the same thing happened with Tubelight. I questioned that it’s Eid Festival and people go to theatres to relax and have fun. We knew the script and story of Tubelight and so objected it that this film should not be aEid release. We requested to move forward and have a different release date, but it didn’t happened. People went in theatres to celebrate Eid but came out with their crying faces. However, now the movie is being likable in satellite and people love to watch it in television. So the release of Tubelight was wrong.

Have you ever been approached for anything on digital platform?

Yes, I was definitely approached! But to produce my content, it is going to be Hum AapkeHaiKontypes.