The Minister for Health and Medical Services Hon. Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete has reiterated the importance of breastfeeding for mothers.

Officiating at the closing of breastfeeding week at the Ba Mission hospital today, Minister Waqainabete highlighted that new mothers need to always know that breastfeeding is the best milk for their new born babies. Minister Waqainabete highlighted that different mothers face different challenges during their pregnancies and also after delivery.

“When we work with young new mothers, we need to always remind them that breastfeeding is important and we need to support them from pregnancy and prior to giving birth.

Minister Waqainabete stated that mothers should always be celebrated as they have an important role to play and the commemoration of breastfeeding week was one way to show them appreciation.

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“My visit here is also an opportunity for me to visit the staff especially after the recent budget announcement and to reaffirm them on the importance of their work as health workers.”

The Minister who is also visiting various hospitals speaking to his staff about the recently approved budget stated that it was imperative for Ministry staff to be aware of what was provided to them and that services should continue as normal.

Minister Waqainabete stated that the Ministry is fortunate to have received a total of $394.3m for the new financial year and has reassured Fijians that services in all hospitals will remain normal while also adhering to COVID-19 restrictions.