A total of 345 Fijians were all smiles today after the opening of the Qiolevu settlement grid extension and house wiring project.

Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Disaster Management and Meteorological Services Hon. Jone Usamate while officiating at the event said that the completion of the project is the end result of thoughtful planning, long-term thinking and a steady flow of investment from the Fijian Government.

“Government has shouldered the entire $565, 000 cost of this development, sparing your community from any financial contribution, as we’ve done away with that old practice for the benefit of our people,” Minister Usamate said.

He highlighted that the positive impacts of this development will provide a step up in life and enable them to achieve greater things for their families and for Fiji.

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“Being connected to the grid means that your economic prospects are brighter. For those of you who are livestock farmers; animals dying from cold; ordinary hard manual labor and theft after dark will be a thing of the past.

The Minister also stressed that access to power is an enormous advantage as it allows them to become more productive and accomplish more on a daily basis.

“Don’t let this chance go to waste. Apply yourselves, continue making valuable contributions to our national development, and together, let’s carry Fiji into an even brighter future.”