It is very important to acknowledge farmers. The Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts Hon. Rosy Akbar, in saying this, officiated as chief guest at the opening ceremony for the Chinese Farmers’ Paintings Exhibition today in Suva.

The exhibition includes 40 paintings from 40 farmer artists in Xiuzhou, Jiaxing. Minister Akbar while praising the work of farmers, said that society often overlooks the hardwork that farmers carry out. “They contribute a lot, not only to the economy but they contribute to us individually,” she said.

“What we eat is very much dependent on what they produce.” The works on display are selected from the “Hometown of Chinese Folk Painting” by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Xiuhou of Zhejiang Province, reflecting the beautiful ecological environment, customs and aesthetics of the southern Chinese riverside towns.

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The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Fiji His Excellency, Qian Bo was also present and said that he shares a similar opinion. “In China we have a saying that everyone is born from the rural area, we are all farmers,” Ambassador Bo said. “Many villages turn into towns and towns into cities, which is the process of urbanization,” he said.